One major reason that you may be suffering with cancer

radon removal

All types of cancer are deadly. One of them is killing 21,000 people per year in USA called lung cancer. It is majorly caused by smoking which is already killing 160,000 people per year. But smoking isn’t the only reason lung cancer is nibbling around. This colorless odorless and tasteless gas can also contribute in giving you a cancer.

This gas is called radon and it is everywhere in the country. It is a secret giving 2-20 out of 1000 people a lung cancer on a national average. As the level of radon in air increases, so does the number of people having lung cancer. According to US EPA, levels at 4cPi/L and are drastically dangerous for they can kill 62-260 people out of 1000. Levels below 1 are safe up to some extent yet 0.4cPi/L is still capable of killing 3 smokers. So radon removal is a national point of ponder.

Decreasing radon levels

Fortunately, decreasing radon level and securing you and your family is possible. You can always test your homes for radon levels. Yet whether you need radon removal or not, you should always go for a watch out plan for even if your home has safe radon levels, you still need a system to keep them safe. Decreasing radon levels begins with testing.

How to inspect your home

  1. Either order online or visit the nearby home improvement store to avail a testing toolkit for you.
  2. Read the instructions on the manual carefully don’t miss out any minor directions mentioned there
  3. See, what is the suitably perfect place for the device to be placed.
  4. Read how long the device needs to be placed there for a measurable reading. If device isn’t placed there long enough, you may end up with wrong results.
  5. Read where to send the device after the testing is done. The lad would read the measurements for you and tell you the radon level of you home

Choosing a contractor

  • A good contractor is always necessary for a good work. Compare contractors and evaluate them
  • See if the contractor knows what has to be done. That can be checked by if the contractor gives estimate without examining the structure of your home, he doesn’t know what to do.
  • See if he happily provides references and is happy to guarantee his work. Contractor should assure the reduction of radon through his system.
  • See if he runs a diagnostic test before installing a system.

Reduction methods

There are several suitable methods for radon removal that are being used widely. While the methods depend upon the structure of your house and the level of radon in your home. For example, if your home is newly constructed yet has a high level of radon, you can’t just rely on passive suction method because it is not that effective while newly constructed houses undergo this method. If your house is crawlspace, your house may be suitable for ventilation of the crawlspace or covering the floor with a high-density plastic sheet. Both are effective.